Places of the Soul...

ValdericArte at Lamoli, Borgo Pace, is not only a place where to sleep during holidays but is as well a recreation home due to its informal atmosphere. Come and discover the beauty of this wellbeing ambiente!

Relax or Activity

relax, recreation and observation or..... creative, artistic, naturalistic, culinary activities choose the way of your dream holidays and let us know!

  • a stay in our garden jacuzzi (up to six people)
  • natural baths with herbs and scents
  • ayurvedic or soul massages
  • rich library with books about art and much more (mainly in Italian)
  • usage of our workshops: painting, sculpture, music...
  • workshops and creative experiences for children and adults depending on the season
  • hiking with guides or mountain bike tours discovering the nature
  • individuell events.

PS: please ask for the facilities mentioned above at the booking! We are fully available for any of your requests!



Hands in the clay and we work it through! Modeling with different techniques (potter's wheel and others) to create a unique art together with the sculptress LUBERTI.


We will be real painters! We take pencil, colors and palette to observe and put on canvas the nature and reality surrounding us!



We take old things and scraps like paper, tissue or timber and produce functional objects like tablecloths, frames, baskets and much more...


A simple herbal preparation

Together we go collecting plants or flowers in the garden for a recipe. Then together we prepare a tea or an infusion in our kitchen. Or we use the ingredients for an oil for the skin as a homemade remedy... At home you bring seeds, plants or the bottle of the oil!

A herbal bath

Would you like to have an aromatic bath? We can prepare one for your personal needs. If you like to wake up or maybe for better sleep a relaxing one or just to do some good for your skin... maybe only a nice scented bath? 20 minutes of hydro-therapy are yours!

A recipe for dying with herbs and flowers

We go out to our personal supermarket (the garden) and have a look to the seasonal plants to decide a nice recipe to prepare in the kitchen. Or we find the right plants for a preparation of colors for a painting.




At ValdericArte nothing is like it seems.... colors and herbs are also perfume and taste

It's not what you are looking for? You would like to hike in the mountains and explore ancient cities? Discover more on territory and typical products.



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