A staff like a bee family!

You are always welcome and we are continuously doing – creating – inventing to make the best out of your holidays and let them be a unique and unforgettable experience!


ValdericArte is a B&B but as well cultural association!

The internal staff are:

- me  Maria Stella Rossi - organizer -

- artist LUBERTI: Maria Luisa Berti,

- chefs: Lorenzo Rossi, Ettore Gabellini,

- farmer: Fabio Tonucci,

- scientist: Francesca Mondello,


Furthermore there are all the friends/colleagues/professionals who are around giving advice, support and collaboration!



We are different spirits

A creative staff of artists in painting, sculpture, music, photography, writing, kitchen and enriched by teachers, farmers and future engineers.

A group unified by the passion for ART and NATURE, the love for freedom and for the respect of all living beings.

We like to dream but also to carry out!

We started as ValdericArte culture association, then enlarged into B&B and now we are as well the first accommodation and the only center for the PALEO lifestyle in Italy.

Let us start with the presentation...

This is me (photo), holder of the B&B.

"My experience in the ValdericArte B&B starts a few years ago. Before there was already a cultural association as a creative residence with the possibility to host artists. Telling you something about my life: I did a few courses about hospitality and I am a qualified “ambassador of the territory”. But my main study is art. I did the Scuola del Libro of Urbino, the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts at Dijon in France and the Accademia di Belle Arti of Brera/Milan after I won a scholarship at New York.

Contact me at: mobile +39 - 328 - 338.09.06    email stella@valdericarte.com

LUBERTI is the artist's name of Maria Luisa Berti. She is owner-woman-artist-sculptress of ValdericArte. She fell in love when she first saw the ruins of Valderica and the reconstruction started shortly after in order to create a new studio for her marvelous art!!

Pages that are talking about her:





328 3380906 (anche WhatsApp)


0722 800010




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