The new activities of the season

Le Jardin à Manger and the ValdericApi

The gardens and the woods surrounding our b&b are a place of peace, beauty, flavor, scent and taste. Inspired by the simple life of the Benedictines in our gardens are growing spontaneous and eatable plants which we use in our healthy cuisine as well as in the preparation of some herb remedies. Additionally there is growing a great variety of flowers which attract insects of all kind the whole year round. A perfect place to do some biowatching here in the Alpe della Luna mountains.

It's a few months that we have also some bee families being part of our little nature paradise.

With nature's offerings  we are preparing a lot of recipes for new tastes, beauty, wellbeing, dyeing and more. So you find in our b&b tea, salads, cremes, oils, colors... all homemade and soon our own honey from ValdericArte! Stay tuned!


SOON the plant walk with signs, all the nature and arts will be part of the round walk of our gardens



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